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Majestic Retro Fridges Australia

Majestic is a new-age retro style refrigerator supplier, based in Victoria.

Our retro fridge freezers champion the aesthetics of the 1950s while offering the latest in technological advancement with modern-day conveniences.


Majestic brings the legacy of retro style refrigerators to aficionados in Australia. These vintage style fridges come fully-assembled with world-class refrigeration technology.

Our refrigerators are made in Turkey, in one of the largest appliance manufacturing units in the world – an industrial complex with over 16,000 employees, a 1,100,000m² production area and facilities to support a 35 million production capacity per year.


1.100.000 m²
Closed Production Area

35 Million
Production Capacity

World Class

Why choose a Majestic refrigerator?

  • Suited to Australian lifestyle
  • Fully-equipped with thoughtful features
  • Available in several eye-catching colours
  • Benchmarked quality control practices followed
  • Highly-sustainable products that have been built to reduce the carbon footprint
  • 100% premium-grade parts guaranteed
  • Extremely competitive pricing compared to other retro fridge brands

Join us as we usher in a new era in refrigeration technology.